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Former Dump on the Pacoima Wash Becomes a Lovely Park

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The craze for new park space along the LA River is now seeping out to other water sources, like the Pacoima Wash Natural Park in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. According to KCET, this empty lot and one-time improvised dump in San Fernando was supposed to become a storage facility. But instead of adding just another commercial building to a neighborhood where commercial and industrial buildings are already plentiful, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (working with its own funds plus outside grants) was able to turn the space into not just a park for the park-poor neighborhood, but also a giant rainwater collector that will work to replenish the area's underground water. This park is just the first: further down the Pacoima Wash, there's a second park in the works, and there's a proposed bike path that would link the two recreation spaces to each other.
· New Pacoima Park Provides Open Space and Water Replenishment [KCET]