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There's a Herd of Sheep Living in a Silver Lake Backyard

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Silver Lake is often associated with covetable houses and residents who will tell you exactly what they think of your proposed development, but today they will be known for their livestock. A tipster tells Eastsider LA, "I kept hearing a sound late at night that I attributed to drunk hipsters on Glendale Blvd. I wondered if they are just visiting to clear brush or here to stay? It looks like a farm up on that hill now behind the Mix Lofts, across from Citibank on Glendale Blvd." No word on whether these are working sheep just passing through like the goats who occasionally work on the hillside near Angels Flight (though, if they are, that lot is definitely cleared of brush) or a permanent part of someone's artisanal yarn business.
· Silver Lake sheep shot [ELA]