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On the Eve of Rebirth: 101 Years of Broadway's Globe Theatre

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Broadway's 101-year-old Globe Theatre is undergoing a $5-million upgrade that was supposed to wrap last year, but is just now finally closing in on the finish line, Downtown News reports. Maybe most thrilling is that the globe atop the theater's marquee will spin again on June 24, when a ceremony heralds the relit globe and signage. Opened in 1913 by theatrical producer Oliver Morosco as the live-performance Morosco Theater, the theater changed hands and names several times (it became the President, the Newsreel, the Globe) before closing in the 1980s. The theater floor was leveled in 1987 (which helped lead to the formation of the Los Angeles Historic Theater Foundation) and the lobby area was turned into a swap meet. The building became a seedy nightclub in the late 2000s, but that was shut down in 2011—after assaults, shootings, and a killing—to make way for the renovation. The club will soon reopen as a more upscale nightlife venture, with operator Erik Chol reopening the mezzanine, as well as the Broadway entrance, instead of making people enter through the alley as was the club's practice.

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