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First Look at Wilshire Masonic Temple's Private Museum Plans

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The Guess?-founding Marciano brothers announced nearly a year ago to turn the lovely Scottish Rite Masonic Temple on Wilshire into a private art museum, meaning these just-revealed drawings might be the only opportunity any of us get to take a look inside the space (it'll house the brothers' collection of "about 1,000 works" by their own estimate). The Larchmont Buzz has nabbed a rendering, by wHY Architecture, of the minimal interior of the museum's Main Gallery, which will be built in the existing auditorium space. (Take a tour of the pre-renovation building right here.) The sloped floor and mezzanine level will be removed, making the gallery space about two stories tall. Because this isn't a public museum, say the brothers, it won't contribute any further to the area's parking problems. They're so confident of that, actually, that they're shrinking the lot and putting sculptures in instead.

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