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New Parking Map Reveals Loads of Parking in Westwood Village

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A new map available on the Westwood Village Improvement Association's website (and through parking app/website ParkMe) aims to help drivers in Westwood Village find some parking already, says NeonTommy (a recent survey showed 58 percent of residents want the association to work on parking, kind of a "no duh"). Because apparently all those thwarted parkers have just been looking in the wrong place. "It's a real issue, people come here and they get frustrated. There's plenty of parking, but people don't know about it. It's important to combat the negative perceptions that there's no parking in Westwood," says the director of the WVIA, who's hoping that this new interactive map will help ease the understandable anger of drivers who can't find spots in the Village while also reducing traffic generated by cars driving around the block over and over.

Glancing at the map, it seems like there is indeed a fair amount of available parking—most of it more expensive than a meter but also less rage-inducing to get to, especially since the map shows prices and lot hours and even offers the option to reserve spots in many lots and pay with a credit card. The next step will be to create a version of the app specifically for Westwood, a process that's in the works and due to be completed in about six months, says a rep for ParkMe.
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