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A Manure Truck Back to the Futured on Beachwood on Saturday

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A tipster sent us these photos taken this weekend on Beachwood Drive and very pithily explains the situation: "Truck full of shit collides with an SUV creating a scene out of Back To The Future." Manure? Biff HATES manure! Under the Hollywood Sign caught the incident too and reports that the truck had been carrying a load from Sunset Ranch and that "fortunately, no one was buried by it." The blog also points out that Beachwood might've been packed with potentially shit-covered pedestrians on a Saturday, but the Hollyridge Trail up to the Hollywood Sign, which starts at the top of Beachwood, has been closed since March for "gate installation" (i.e., whiney neighbors trying to cut off all tourist access to the Sign); normally pedestrians might be walking "in large groups, several abreast, on a street that lacks sidewalks." Maybe the city should put in sidewalks? Or maybe, where those tourists are going, they don't need sidewalks? Anyway, the trail was supposed to be closed for six to eight weeks and has already been out of commission for a full eight; a neighborhood group is trying to keep the trail closed permanently.

· Beachwood NIMBY Group Gets Hollywood Sign Trail Shut Down [Curbed LA]