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See Union Station's 1939 Opening Day in Photos

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By now, the entire city likely knows that May 3 is the 75-year anniversary of the opening of Union Station. An earlier post by The Source recapped the opening day fanfare at the iconic transit hub, which included driving a Union Pacific locomotive down Alameda and a "history of transportation"-themed parade with stagecoaches and mounted riders. (A rare video documented the day, too. ) This day was for many a huge turning point in the town's identity; LA was a growing city that despite its size, "was still in many ways an unsophisticated western town." But now, there was a major train station! Alameda Street was packed tight with people clamoring to see the action; some parade-goers "fainted from the heat". According to Metro Primary Resources, over half a million people took to the streets to see the celebration--about a third of the city's population at the time. We've gathered a few photos of the sights that excited visitors might have taken in.

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Union Station

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