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Rich Malibuites May Have Found Sand to Save Broad Beach

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The wealthy homeowners who live on Malibu's Broad Beach are now looking at sand in quarries out Ventura County way to help them stave off the brutal erosion that's put the beach in danger for years. As the Hollywood Reporter tells it, once the homeowners' (or rather, the legal entity they've formed) get approval from the State Lands and Coastal commissions, they could have the supplies to restore the beach by next summer. If that seems simpler than the back and forth the homeowners had when they tried unsuccessfully to get sand from Manhattan Beach and from Dockweiler, that's because it is. Apparently, privately-owned sand (like the stuff in these quarries) is much easier to get, but it is also more expensive, so when Broad Beachers were trying to ship sand in from other local beaches, they were choosing the more cost-effective option.

This new plan likely means that Broad Beach's homeowners $20 million budget for this re-sanding will be "be revised upward," says a lawyer for the homeowners. The best part? After this massive undertaking, the new sand is only expected to stay put for about a decade. Quipped an advisor at the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission and critic of the re-sanding, "[The restoration] would last, what, literally a day? You can't beat Mother Nature. This seems insane to me but I don't have that kind of disposable income, so who am I to say?"
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