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Gregory Ain's Tufeld Residence in Studio City Asks $1.695MM

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It's getting pretty hot out, so what say we take a look at a listing that's cool as ice: This razor-sharp modern in Studio City was built in 1953 by the forward-thinking Gregory Ain for radio and TV announcer Dick Tufeld and his family. Best known for providing the voice of the robot in the classic 1960s TV show Lost in Space, Mr. Tufeld passed away in 2012, and his family home is now hitting the market for the first time. Per the description, the open-plan residence has three bedrooms; three baths; a glass-walled living room; vaulted ceilings; two fireplaces; not one but two hideaway cocktail bars; original redwood siding, cabinetry, and built-ins; and "custom art tile." Sited on a quarter-acre lot, the property also features landscaping by the formidable Garrett Eckbo, including an "oval pool, set within a circular pattern incorporating lawn and hardscape [that] presents contrasting geometries to Ain's rectilinear architecture." Asking price for the 2,388-square-foot home is $1.695 million.

· The Tufeld Residence, 1953 [Crosby Doe Associates]