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Councilmen Urge New 'Harbor' Rail Line for Wilmington, San Pedro

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Councilmen Tom LaBonge and Joe Buscaino want to fast-track a light rail "Harbor Line" that runs through Wilmington and skirts San Pedro, presenting a motion urging Metro to study such a line, Building Los Angeles reports. Their proposal is not out of left field, the agency and precursor agencies have studied such a rapid transit route for decades (LaBonge also pushed the idea of an extension of the subway to the Arts District, which is currently being studied). It's not clear what route LaBonge and Buscaino's "Harbor Line" would take, but transit lobbyists Move LA are proposing an extension of the Green Line that veers east to meet up with the Blue Line in Long Beach. That would be funded by Measure R2, a proposed ballot initiative that, if passed, would raise the sales tax to fund more transportation projects. An extension of the Green Line is already part of Metro's Measure R plans, but only to Torrance (it also has long range plans to connect the Green Line's eastern terminus to the Norwalk Metrolink station).
· LA City Councilmembers Want Blue Line Extension to San Pedro [BLA]