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West Hollywood Determined to Get In On All This Rail Action

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While Beverly Hills throws up almost every obstacle they can to prevent rail from reaching their borders, West Hollywood is ready to plunk down money to do just the opposite. Two councilmembers want the city to hire a lobbyist to convince Metro to place rail through WeHo higher on their list of priorities, WeHoville reports, especially with a future ballot initiative possibly opening up billions more for projects. When planning the Purple Line extension (currently in pre-construction) a spur was floated that would reach WeHo through San Vicente or La Cienega boulevards, but was cut because of the crazy price tag. The next most logical option for rail to WeHo is a northern extension of the Crenshaw Line, that would connect it first to the Purple Line on Wilshire and then up to the Hollywood/Highland Red Line stop via WeHo. Metro actually already did preliminary studies on just that (see map).
· WeHo to Consider Stepping Up Efforts to Lure a Metro Line Stop [WeHoville]