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Here's What Venice Will Look Like When the Oceans Rise 12 Ft.

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Southern California is in a megadrought, it's ten thousand degrees in May, the Santa Ana winds are blowing off-season, everything's on fire and it's only spring, and it's impossible not to think that the awful consequences of global warming have arrived. Two sets of researchers released reports last week showing that the West Antarctica ice sheet is falling apart and there's nothing we can do to stop it; its disappearance is predicted to raise sea levels 10 feet or more in the next few centuries. Basically it's all too depressing to do anything but stare at disaster-movie-style renderings of the fallout: artist Nickolay Lamm has provided those renderings, care of Climate Central, a group of scientists and journalists who specialize in global warming (via LAObserved). Here we have Venice Beach after the oceans have risen 12 feet; all that valuable real estate on Abbot Kinney: gone. Below, one more from another angle and a map showing the new tidal lines after 10 feet of rise.

· Picture This: U.S. Cities Under 12 feet of Sea Level Rise [Climate Central]