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City Trying to Shut Down Highland Park's Church on York Venue

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Last month it seemed like the city of Los Angeles might give the official ok to Highland Park's beloved new arts space the Church on York, but instead it denied all permits on Friday, chalking the decision up to what the zoning administrator calls the proprietor's "disregard for the law," says the LA Times. According to the zoning admin who denied the Church, the space had taken out only five special event permits in all of 2013, which would mean that the vast majority of their shows were held illegally. (The venue had 20 scheduled shows in April alone.) Additionally, the zoning admin's report claims, the LAPD—which had once written a letter of support for the venue—found show-goers smoking weed in the basement and the venue illegally sold alcohol while it was waiting for those permits to be approved.

The fire department shut the venue down Friday, pushing shows to other venues. The Church's current plan of action includes trying to get temporary permits so that the rest of their scheduled shows can take place and possibly scrapping plans to serve booze. "We're not going anywhere. I'm going to keep fighting," the venue's owner/operator said. Just today, the Church tweeted about a Jandek show this coming weekend, no alternative venue listed.
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