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NIMBYs Trying to Dismantle East Hollywood's Half-Built Target

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Local NIMBYs have brought yet another lawsuit against the East Hollywood Target, but the thing is already half-built. It seems unlikely that a judge would side with the demands of the petitioners, Citizens Coalition Los Angeles, and demand a new environmental impact report and yank approvals for the almost-there project at this point, but a decision will come down this week, the Los Feliz Ledger reports. CCLA claims the project includes too many exemptions to the area's Station Neighborhood Area Plan, which encourages retail and residential use near transit stops, but limits commercial structures to 35-foot heights (e.g. the stumpy retail planned near the nearby Red Line stop). The 195,000-square-foot Target development rises 74 feet, which "disrupts the existing character of the neighborhood," according to CCLA (the site was previously a stripmall).

Another reason CCLA's chances are slim: the city initially thought the project was so innocuous that officials approved it in 2010 without an environmental impact report, but Target eventually completed one after some locals threw a fit.
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Hollywood Target

5220 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA