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Chinatown Hillside Slated to Become a Park with Amphitheater

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It's no substitute for the currently-closed Cornfield park (especially because they'll both open to the public at about the same time), but a new "vertical" park is in the cards for the hill just west of the Chinatown public library, and it'll offer some welcome greenery, shade, and seating for the neighborhood. The steep, empty acre of land where Yale and Ord streets meet will be outfitted with an open-air amphitheater, chess tables, a bamboo grove, a climbing wall, and a wheelchair-accessible pathway, says EGP News. The park, considered part of the nearby Alpine Recreation Center expansion project, should be under construction by the fall with completion expected in 2016. It will be funded by nearly $1 million from County Supe Gloria Molina.

· Molina Secures $1 Million For 'Vertical' Chinatown Park [EGP]