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Geologists Want a Second Look at Hollywood Fault

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Updated 3:50 PM: The nicely tilled field of dirt next to the Capitol Records building is about to get torn up all over again. After engineers for the developer of the proposed 6230 Yucca project failed to find an earthquake fault on the site, the big trench they had dug was filled in. Now the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety is asking that they dig up the site again, according to the LA Times. "Group Delta, the geotechnical engineering firm hired by the developer, said last week that they "saw no faults of any kind" during their study. They have agreed to do the additional seismic investigation requested by the city, which includes digging another trench on the east side of the property." The project will continue to remain in limbo as no construction can take place until the City approves the geological study -- assuming no actual fault is ever found.
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