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Will LA See June Gloom? 20 Spots to Swim This Summer

[How will futuristic Angelenos get to the Valley -- in addition to our personal hover-cars?]

This Week's Top Stories: As we all sweltered this week from unseasonably hot weather, news from a JPL climate scientist says we may skip June gloom altogether this year. We took a peek inside the bonkers Pterodactyl offices designed by Eric Owen Moss, and as expected right-angles were in short supply. A mid-century home in Sherman Oaks could use some work, but the consensus is the place has pretty good bones, and it can be yours for $989k. Summer swimming season is just around the corner, so we've mapped 20 of the swimmiest spots you may want to hit on the pool circuit. With rents going sky-high, it's nice to see new development popping up all over Westlake to house the children of people opposed to new development. Drama continues to swirl around the increasingly unloved Academy Museum project as local architect Zoltan Pali has departed following ongoing disagreements with lead architect Renzo Piano. Santa Monica NIMBYs stopped the Bergamot Station transit oriented development project dead in its tracks -- sad.