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Cornerspotted: Forty-Third and Western Ave. in Vermont Square

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Commenter alangregg's at it again, correctly pointing out that the fountain from yesterday's Cornerspotter guessing game resided at 4277 South Western, the Hattem's Market complex, which held its grand opening in December 1927. Widely regarded as the first grocery to be called a "supermarket," Hattem's contained a deli, a flower counter, a cigar store—a one-stop shop that was open 24 hours. It was also self-service, a new-fangled idea at the time. The building cost $30,000 to erect, and was designed by architect Walter R. Hagedohm, who went on to design the Balboa Inn in Newport Beach. According to History, Los Angeles County, supermarket founder Isadore M. Hattem was also an early tenant in Downtown's Grand Central Market and later had a shopping center on Vermont and Eightieth as well.

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