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Colorful, Eerie Art to Be Incorporated Into Huge 8150 Sunset

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A creepy statue and a fanciful mosaic inside the maybe-historic Chase bank building at the site of the proposed 8150 Sunset mixed-user will be spared the wrecking ball by developers Townscape, says Wehoville. Both the mosaic, a 1960 glass piece by French artist Roger Darricarrerre, and the sculpture by David Green will be "incorporated" into the giant new project. Their salvation is a relief to lovers of quirky art who are still sore about the removal of a 52-year statue of Bulwinkle the cartoon moose from its stop across from the Chateau Marmot nearby. This small victory is not likely to calm the opposition to the very controversial, dual-tower mixed-user at Sunset and Crescent Heights, which recently received designation as a California Environmental Leadership Development Project, meaning it will be a lot easier for it to chop through all the red tape opponents are sure to throw up.

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