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Mapping the Places to Stop For Free Stuff on Bike to Work Day

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It's hotter than blazes out there, but maybe some of the lush pit stops along your route to work for Metro's Bike to Work Day tomorrow will help you stay cool. Usefully mapped out by transit app Moovit, rest stops will be offering cyclists things like free continental breakfasts, fruit, healthy snacks, and ice water. The stops are clustered in the expected hubs (Santa Monica, Downtown), but also dot areas that many would probably not associate with bike commuting, like far-flung Santa Clarita or El Segundo. The clickable map shows what's available at what time and who's providing it, and there are more than a few surprises there as well, like the upper-crust Langham Huntington Hotel's offer of cookies and lemonade. (Probably some fancy, delicious cookies.) Strangely absent from the pit stop map is anything in Northeast LA, especially Eagle Rock and Highland Park, which is in the process of getting LA's first bike-friendly business district.

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