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Big Walls Going Up Along End of 2 Freeway in Echo Park

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About 2,000 feet of sound walls along the northbound side of the 2 Freeway in Echo Park are due to begin construction as soon as this winter, says the Eastsider LA. As seen on the Metro image illustrating the project, the Silver Lake side of the freeway won't be getting any new sound walls; residents over there were not too keen on the idea, mostly because they worried the walls would be eyesores to begin with, then be tagged on top of it. We'll find out whether or not they were right soon; construction on the 10-to-12-foot walls is supposed to wrap in 2016.

This second, wall-building phase of the project will also include some very welcome improvements, like replacing the lights under the Glendale Boulevard bridge and installing a meter before the southbound end-of-freeway offramp/deathzone to slow down cars exiting onto Glendale. The first phase saw re-striping of roads and installation of new traffic lights; a third, final phase that is "under consideration," but likely very far off at best, suggests some major changes to the freeway, including the demolition of the current southbound 2 offramp, possibly for a future LA Parks and Rec project.
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