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Lumpy Echo Park Lake Sidewalks Getting Complete Overhaul

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Great news for anyone who's jogged at dusk around Echo Park Lake: the sidewalks that circle the park are currently getting hacked up and replaced with better, smoother paths. The LA Department of Recreation and Parks has broken ground on a *$300,000 sidewalk upgrade to make the sidewalks along the park's perimeter as nice as the sidewalks running through it (you may recall the entire park was overhauled in the last few years) and improve access to the park for everyone (no way some of those narrow and uneven walkways were compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act). The project's expected to wrap up at the end of June, shortly before the park's Lotus Festival, says a release from Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell's office.
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Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA