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Southern California's June Gloom Might Be Canceled This Year

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An enormous high-pressure system and some unusual Santa Ana winds are making it hot as hell in SoCal this week, but don't sweat it, it'll also be hot as hell all summer long. Unusually so! While normally we'd be spending mornings in the May Gray and June Gloom around this time of year, the high-pressure/Santa Ana combo will "obliterate" any moisture coming in off the ocean right now, according to a JPL climate scientist quoted in the Daily News. He adds "what little moisture that's in the air is going to be evaporating." This is all "an early indication that supports a previous forecast that this summer will be unseasonably warm," and the climatologist apparently also used the words "ominous" and "worrisome" at some point in this convo. Probably nothing to worry about? The dry, hot Santa Anas usually blow in the fall or winter; their appearance now is "anomalous" and is helping to bring in yet another early fire season.

The weather right now is just perfect for brush fires (and we've already seen a few today). If that hasn't gotten you feeling apocalypty enough, the Los Angeles Zoo and California Poison Control are warning everyone to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, "which are waking up from hibernation earlier because of the warm weather." Also the Antarctic ice cap is a total goner.
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