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Long Lost John Lautner House in Echo Park is Asking $999,000

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Last week, the world learned about the long lost John Lautner house of Echo Park. Lautner is one of the most important Modernist architects to work in Southern California (his Organic Modernism is warmer and a lot more visceral than the International style of architects like Rudolph Schindler; his work is often associated with film villains), but no one seemed to know his Jules Salkin Residence in the Echo Park hills even existed. One source says it was thought to be unbuilt. But it's been sitting right there, since 1948 (with a 1966 addition by Arthur Silvers), and now the family that's owned it all those years is hoping to sell. Last week we saw some photos and original plans and models from the Getty archives, but no price: today the real estate agent/seller (he grew up in the house) has announced that it's asking $999,000. The house is a little run-down and it's not huge, but that's still a hell of a deal for this kind of house—Gwyneth Paltrow just bought a not-terribly-attractive Lautner in Malibu for $14 million, Bob Hope's Lautner in Palm Springs is asking $34 million, and producer Michael LaFetra is asking $22 million for his gorgeous Stevens House in Malibu. Those are all later works in the best locations, but the Salkin is on a very nice lot in a very popular 'hood: under a mil ain't crazy at all. We've been told there's already a lot of interest from all over the world; the public is welcome at broker previews tomorrow and Wednesday.

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