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Slow Moving Barnsdall Park-Adjacent Mixed-User Is Back

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The mixed-use project at Hollywood Boulevard and Edgemont Street, just west of Barnsdall Park, first hit our radar back in 2008. After hibernating through the recession, the project appears to be rolling back to life. The four homes on Edgemont occupying a portion of the project site have been fenced off, awaiting imminent demolition and the project application is moving through the approvals process. The original 2008 project, designed by TCA Architects, included a 15-story condo and 18-story hotel tower, with 164 dwelling units and 150 rooms, respectively, located on the site of the El Tropico Nightclub and a few parking lots. Since that time, it appears the project description has changed, as the project now includes 200 dwelling units and 25,000 square feet of retail, but no hotel component. Renderings are still forthcoming, but we have our fingers crossed the building will break the seven story mark.
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· Project Initial Study - 2008 (PDF) [Los Feliz NC]