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Buy A Renovated Condo At Barker Block for $599,000

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This 1,300-square-foot condo in Barker Block ("the beating heart of the Arts District," as the brokerbabble calls it) is not going to last long, what with the well-documented scarceness of condos throughout Downtown. The current owner's reno on the space included adding custom shelving and lighting, a fancy new backsplash in the kitchen, what looks like a projector screen (or is that standard?), and big ol' closets with "hand-milled sliding doors." The Barker complex comes with glam amenities like a "rooftop pool and lounge like an exotic luxury hotel," an outdoor fireplace, and private poolside cabanas. Top all that off with enviable east-west balcony view and it adds up to a pretty sweet place to call home. The unit's asking $599,000.

· 530 S Hewitt St #418, Los Angeles, CA [Trulia]