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Pet Owners Have to Pay $60 to Use the Arts District Dog Park

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The pinschers are pouting and the wieners wailing in the Arts District, where the much-loved dog park at Fourth and Molino Streets is locked up for all those who can't afford a $60 key, the Downtown News reports (digital edition). The four-year-old park has been free up until recently, but woes related to the disbanding of the Arts District BID forced a change. The Los Angeles River Artists and Business Association has been paying the property taxes and maintenance fees for the park, which total about $4,000 a year, while the BID previously took care of operational duties like emptying the trash and opening the gate in the morning. When the BID shut down last year, the LARABA took over that as well, incurring more financial burden (by hiring people for the upkeep, ostensibly).

The keys can be purchased at the nearby Corner Store, but only seven have been bought as of last week. A new Arts District BID launches in June but operating the dog park isn't big on their list of priorities, so the park will likely remain locked. All this clearly stinks as the park was one of the few places ADers could hang out without having to buy a $5 coffee or $7 beer.
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