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A New Look for the Former James Hotel Site at Sunset/Hilldale

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We never thought we'd see forward movement on the long-languishing James Hotel project (now referred to as 8950 Sunset) near Hilldale and Sunset Boulevard on the Sunset Strip, but it looks like we were wrong. According to Wehoville, the project (in the works since 1999, when it was the Hotel Astra) has a date with the WeHo Design Review Subcommitee this week to see if these latest designs—which include shrinking the hotel down to 165 rooms instead of the once-proposed 195, plus four residences, a redesigned rooftop deck, and restaurants space—will get the go-ahead.

The new renderings show a much more open space than the stubby chunk previously envisioned, mainly due to an open archway on the Sunset face of the hotel, "a grand gesture to the street," on which digital art pieces will be projected. "It has the potential to become a jewel box, highlighting the best qualities of the Sunset Strip," said a city designer who was working on evaluating the project. The site was purchased two years ago by anonymous Euros who spent $28 million on it. Meanwhile, a massive new James Hotel is getting underway at Sunset | La Cienega.
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