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Los Angeles is Slowly Switching to Better-Tasting Tap Water

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The LADWP is changing up our water cocktail to make it better-tasting and less potentially toxic. A win-win. The switch from chlorine to chloramine (chlorine and ammonia) disinfectant has been in the works since 2002, but South LA and West LA just started getting the new water earlier this year and Downtown and Hollywood started getting it on April 1, reports the Daily News (San Pedro, Tujunga, and East LA have all had the good stuff for years now). The San Fernando Valley should start switching over in early May. The EPA has cracked down on chlorine because it can react with leaves or dirt to create "some risky chemicals"; chloramine does the exact same thing, but less of it. It also disinfects longer and is less chemical-tasting and -smelling. However, it is no good for dialysis patients or fish.
· DWP to change chemical treatment for San Fernando Valley tap water [LADN]