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Oh No, Look What They Did to the Legendary House of Davids

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For more than a decade, the Hancock Park House of Davids delighted all who drove past with its 19 little David statues, and blinded its many visitors with its glittered surfaces and awed them with its invisible furniture and baffled them with its enormous chairs. It was a tacky wonder, thanks to owner/dreamer Norwood Young, but now its just one more thing a flipper has Pottery Barned to death. Moment of silence, please.

Young sold the house in April 2012 (for $1.45 million) and work had begun by summer on a pretty thorough overhaul. The exterior and interior have both been methodically drained of all flavor, and its seven bedrooms and bathrooms have been pared down to five each (the loss of the old master bath and its centerpiece gold tub is especially sad). The guesthouse has also been completely madeover in wood and glass and tile.

It's just hit the market for $2.888888 million.

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House of Davids

304 S. Muirfield Rd., Los Angeles, CA