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Former Madame Wants to Turn Jim Morrison's Old WeHo Apartment Building Into a B&B

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Eclectic former madame Cheri Woods is hoping to turn her five-unit WeHo apartment building, Cheri Amour, into a historically-designated bed & breakfast that exploits the building's connection to Jim Morrison, who may have lived there between the summer of 1969 and the start of 1971, reports WeHoville. Woods, who's already renting the place on Airbnb, hopes to boot two tenants from the rent-controlled building and convert their apartments into B&B units. But the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission isn't quite convinced of the Morrison connection—on Monday, the commission continued the item to a "date uncertain," according to WeHo senior planner Emily Stadnicki: "The Historic Preservation Commission asked for additional documentation linking Jim Morrison to the property." Woods claims Morrison wrote "Riders on the Storm" at Cheri Amour and that a former tenant remembers him offering her a joint and getting into screaming matches with his girlfriend, Pamela Courson, at the building.
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