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LA is Installing Self-Service Bike Repair Stations in 10 Spots

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Los Angeles is still waiting on that bike share program but bikeification continues apace with new lanes all over town, Bike Friendly Business Districts, and now self-service bike repair stations, installed yesterday in Eagle Rock (at Colorado and La Road), Highland Park (on the 5100 block of York Boulevard), and Silver Lake (at Sunset Triangle Plaza). Eastsider LA explains: "The black metal cylinders bolted to the ground serves not only as a place to mount a bike while it's being repaired, it also houses a tool kit – including screw drivers and wrenches – and a bike pump." Businesses at the sites have agreed to act as guardians of the stations, locking them up at night and unlocking them in a morning (if your bike gets a flat at one am: sorry!). There'll be 10 stations installed for an initial pilot program, according to Streetsblog; Leimert Park is up next.
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