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Inside the Fake LAPD Station and Real LAPD Noir at Paris Photo

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[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels except where noted]

This past weekend Paramount hosted the second US edition of the huge Paris Photo show and the highlight, aside from the chance to hang around the backlot, was Unedited!: The LAPD Photo Archives, a series of poetic photos from some of the LAPD's noirest crimes, displayed in a replica of an LAPD station (and curated by Paris Photo director Julien Frydman and Robin Blackman and Merrick Morton of Fototeka). There were rare or previously-unseen photos of suicides, robbery notes, track marks on Miles Davis's arms, the Black Dahlia, murdered lovers, suicides, the Manson Family, and more, all shot by mostly-anonymous photographers between 1925 and the mid-1960s. (The LAPD apparently has more than one million photos squirreled away in the City Records Center in Downtown.) Here are several of the photos featured, plus more from Paris Photo by Curbed's own Elizabeth Daniels.

· Paris Photo Los Angeles [Official Site]