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Meryl Streep Flipping Mid-Century Research House in the Hills

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[Streep via Getty]

Having owned 1954 Research House for just over a year, Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer are now selling it for a hefty markup. She picked up the Hollywood Hills house last February for $4.5 million (it had been asking nearly $6 million); it was originally designed by architects Honnold & Rex for Architectural Products magazine, but had recently gotten a major remodel from designer Xorin Balbes. Word was that Streep's son Henry Gummer would be living in the house, but our pals at Curbed National say Streep eventually ended up moving in. Today, according to the listing, it comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, pool and spa, marble floors, a walnut staircase "with sculptural railing," smartphone-controlled security system, all the furnishings and, naturally, "extensive skylights for optimal display of fine art." The Streep-Gummers are asking $6.75 million.

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