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Tiny Mixed-User Fills In One of Last Parcels on Venice's Rose

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With fancy juice places, upscale restaurants, and a new 70-unit mixed-user, Venice's Rose Avenue has become the quieter, more local alternative to frenetic and increasingly tourist-clogged Abbot Kinney. Rose is now filling in one of its last empty parcels with a dainty new mixed-user developed by Holland Investments and designed by Reed Architectural Group, which has offices right down the street. The project will only have two condo units, with a groundfloor restaurant below. Reed Architectural Group, which says renderings aren't finalized, designed another squat mixed-user down the street, the first mixed-use project on Rose built in half a century. According to the architects, only 10 new buildings have been built on Rose since the Coastal Act of 1976, and eight of them were strictly residential.

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