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Here Are the 8 "Rooms" of SaMo's Expo-Adjacent Buffer Park

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The Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously to go ahead with a proposed design for Buffer Park, a 2.35-acre green space that'll hug the future Expo Line maintenance facility and absorb some of the noise and unpleasantness from those neighboring trains. The park should break ground about a year from now, reports Santa Monica Mirror (by which time it'll probably have a new name). The park was designed by local landscape starchitect Mia Lehrer + Associates and, like a '90s dance club, includes eight separate areas, or "rooms," that will offer different experiences: a thick, verdant area called the Forest; a place with fruit trees and garden space called the Learning Garden; a play space with natural elements named the Rock Garden; a Community Pavilions for neighborhood gatherings; the Meadow, which will allow open space for sports and picnics; an area to attracts local bird species called the Bird Garden; a stormwater runoff area called the Watershed Garden (ooh fun); and the Grove, which includes a dense area similar to the Forest.

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