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Rental Misery in Los Angeles, Opening Dates for Metro Projects

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[Rendering reveal for the Herald-Examiner adjacent mixed-use project in Downtown LA]

This Week's Top Stories: Mayor Eric Garcetti and wife Amy Wakeland have dared to put their Silver Lake home on the rental market for $8,500 per month, so please join other Curbed commenters in synchronized rage. Speaking of rents, rental site Lovely created a report and accompanying chart showing that rents in Los Angeles are actually increasing faster than San Francisco. So where do you go if you're a Millennial in need of a place to live? A new survey says Palms is the place to go for low rents, an educated populace and nightlife things. To cap the week on new rental info, rental site Lovely put out a list of the most affordable and least affordable neighborhoods to rent-in in LA. Metro has released target dates for the opening of all the subway and light-rail lines currently in the works, with the Gold Line and Expo Lines due in Fall 2016. Facebook has data on you and now it's creating maps showing where Dodgers and Angels fans live, which will help us figure out where to build the big wall in the future. Expert cake designers put their talents to the test to recreate 8 LA landmarks in edible cake form.