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Cornerspotted: Little Santa Monica and North Cañon Drive

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Yesterday's Cornerspotter was a nod to Beverly Hills, which is in the midst of celebrating its centennial year. The intersection, correctly identified by Ron Cole as present-day North Cañon and South Santa Monica Boulevard (aka Little Santa Monica), which was briefly called Burton Way, hence the writing on the curb that identifies it as such. The building (official address: 450 N. Cañon Dr.) was an Albert Sheetz Mission Candy Company shop when the photo was taken. (Though the photo is undated, it's believed to be from the 1930s.) Today, Burton Way doesn't start until Santa Monica Bouelvard hits Rexford Way, a few blocks to the east. The old Candy Co. building from the photo now houses a makeup store but still has those lovely Deco details.

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