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Parking Ticket Complainers Now Have City Hall's Attention

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Members of the Los Angeles Parking Freedom Initiative are forming an "official city working group" that will include LAPF members as well as city officials, but still no word if the city will ever do something about outrageous walking tickets. The LA Times says the group will discuss potential changes that can be made to alter what the LPFI calls the city's current "aggressive" policy for issuing parking tickets, including making confusing parking signage more decipherable, redoing the system for challenging parking tickets, and discontinuing the use of parking ticket revenue as a budget-balancing tool. The LPFI, which first came out against "the abuses of the current parking enforcement regime" late last year, is still threatening to put some of their proposed parking reforms onto the ballot, should their city committee fail to yield satisfactory results. Though there are definitely some problems that plague parkers in LA, a Garcetti spokesperson said it was "premature" to definitively say that drivers pay too much for parking tickets.
· Garcetti, activists form panel to look at parking ticket policies [LAT]