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Holmby Hills Megamansion Has a Basement Operating Room

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Imagine a 30,000-square-foot spec house. Imagine the interior decor. Did you envision top to bottom Fendi furniture and accessories? You certainly do know luxury! As seen in The Hollywood Reporter, this mammoth house in Holmby Hills, finished in 2013, also has some rarely-seen and frankly terrifying extras in the layout, like a "fully functional, basement-level dental offices and an operating room,", as well as the somewhat expected high-end amenities like a bowling alley and indoor and outdoor pools. The Fendi House also has eight bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, because with all those patients hanging around, you're going to want to have plenty of restrooms.

The pocket-listed mansion sold to someone from Saudi Arabia for "somewhat below" its $65-million asking price, which included all the furniture and original artwork (there were specially commissioned pieces by Retna, who decorated the exterior of LA's fanciest mattress store).

The expansive estate is the creation of Nile Niami, a former film producer now focused on real estate development and spec houses, including the $18-million, 8,000-square-foot Hills house the Winklevoss brothers bought in 2012.
· $65 Million 'Fendi Casa' L.A. Estate Sold to Saudi Buyer (Exclusive) [THR]