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Pretty Maps Show Where People Uber in Five SoCal Regions

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If the Atlantic Cities is to be believed, these maps of Uber faux-taxi usage chart where to find the young, hip people with money to burn. True, poor South LA doesn't really get much Uber traffic (except for its freeway stretches), but, from the looks of it, the South Bay is equally dead (although you could certainly debate that area's hipness). The maps, while very pretty, are not as useful as they could be, as they don't come with a legend or any markers. Still, it's hard to miss the brighter blue lines indicating high Uber traffic in the expected hubs like Santa Monica and Downtown. LAX is also a blinding beacon of blue (the small but very bright oval toward the bottom left), where the car-sharing crackdown (pick-ups are illegal) has apparently not affected business very much.

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