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This Map Shows How Far and Wide Dodgers Fandom Spreads

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Using aggregated data gathered from Facebook (all those "likes" for a certain team, plus some algorithm or other), the New York Times has created this interactive map, which lets us see down to the zip code whose baseball allegiances lie where. Or, in Southern California, how far does Dodgers fervor spread and how much have the Angels encroached on their territory? The darker the color, the larger the majority for that team, and SoCal is largely Dodgers blue despite expected hot spots for the Padres around San Diego and the Angels in Orange County. The Angels/Dodgers border (the Reagan-Nixon line, the Times calls it), runs roughly along the Orange County line for much of the way, with exceptions for La Habra and Los Alamitos. In general, the Westside is cooler on blue than Central and Southeast LA and areas east of the LA River. Some areas in the Valley, Carson, Gardena, and Baldwin Park have also been exceptionally hard-hit by Dodger fever. (We wonder how the map changes depending on the team's record.)

· Up Close on Baseball's Borders [NYT]