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Here Are the Best and Worst LA 'Hoods For Renting Right Now

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Yesterday we learned just how out of control rents are getting in Los Angeles, thanks to a report from rental site Lovely: prices have shot up 13 percent over the past year (that's a faster rate than out-of-control San Francisco) and the median now sits at $1,850. Worse, the increases are across the board, on studios, one-, and two-bedrooms. Everything is terrible, yes. But! There are still better options and worse options, and Lovely has also put together data on the individual neighborhoods where rent is above the citywide median or below the citywide median (i.e., places you might find a deal). You'll find those lists below. Above, the neighborhoods that have seen the most dramatic price increases over the past year: It's an interesting list that includes fancy neighborhoods like Brentwood and the Hollywood Hills, where you might think rents had already gotten close to topping out, low-income areas like South LA, Montebello, and Westlake (another gentrification data point), where rents are still low despite huge increases, and predictably up-and-coming areas like Chinatown and Mid-Wilshire.

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