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New Plan Would Keep Santa Monica Mountains Mansion Free

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The Santa Monica Mountains are very, very close to being protected from giant mansions and wineries and very bright lights; a new land-use plan that would ban such nonsense has now passed the both the LA County Board of Supes and the California Coastal Commission, and is now awaiting a final review; it's expected to get the green light within a few months. (It's got to go through another vote by the CCC and a final vote by the Board of Supes.) Under the proposal, LA County would be the "primary guardian" of about 80 square miles of an unincorporated part of the SaMo Mountains (excluding Malibu), reports the Pasadena Star-News, and would then be able to clamp down on development and encourage preservation in the zone, by (among other things) restricting bright outdoor lighting that obstructs viewing of those twinkly things in the sky, making specific pesticides and poisons illegal, and banning new hillside mansions—"scars of unrestrained development," County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky calls them.
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