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Pasadena's Lovely Barnes House By Elmer Grey Asking $6.2MM

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Located in the San Rafael Hills, this impressive Craftsman was designed in 1913 by the highly accomplished Elmer Grey, architect of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Pasadena Playhouse, and the Harvey Mudd estate. Per a 2001 LA Times write-up of the property, it was commissioned by Dr. Clifford Webster Barnes, "a clergyman and civic leader best remembered for founding the popular 'Sunday Evening Club,' which broadcast speeches of famous political and religious leaders throughout the country." Occupying a 1.64-acre lot, the 6,689-square-foot house features six bedrooms, four baths, an updated kitchen, hardwood floors, wood-paneled walls, built-in bookshelves, beamed ceilings, five fireplaces, an art studio, wine cellar, lap pool, and lush landscaping. Asking price is $6.2 million.

· 999 S San Rafael Ave [Estately]