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A Photo Guide to Architect John Parkinson's Huge Impact on LA

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Earlier Twentieth Century architect John Parkinson, "one of LA's under-appreciated citybuilders," is officially getting a square named for him in the Historic Core; the dedication for the intersection at Fifth and Spring Streets is scheduled for next Monday, according to a release. Parkinson's work (often done in collaboration with his son Donald Parkinson) includes landmark structures like City Hall, the LA Memorial Coliseum, the Homer Laughlin Building (now home to the Grand Central Market), the Alexandria Hotel, and the Braly Block ("LA's first skyscraper," now the Continental Building). "In a way Parkinson is more than just an architect, he's a sort of a founder of Los Angeles, especially in the 1920's," historian Kevin Starr told the LA Times last year. Here we've rounded up seven iconic Parkinson works that give a quick snapshot of the architect's impact on Los Angeles.

· Historic Core Intersection Could Be Named For City Hall Architect John Parkinson [Curbed LA]

Union Station

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