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Beautiful Old Ojai Property With Photogenic Pool

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Welcome back springtime! It's another season of Weekend Getaways, where we look at homes within driving distance (or maybe a little further) of Los Angeles that are on the market for you to ogle, then buy.

Location: 1329 Foothill Road, Ojai
Price: $1,495,000
Size: 2,120 sq.ft. on 0.51 acres

Built in 1940, this classic Spanish-style Ojai property boasts some well-known architectural neighbors but sadly doesn't boast a pedigree of its own. Nevertheless, it's a spectacular little compound featuring 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and a pool that gets a lot of love from the photographer. From the listing: " have found a property nestled in between the famous Greene & Greene designed Casa Barranca Winery & Estate, and one of the most spectacular properties designed by Mead & Requa. Clearly, an area of Ojai that is rich in history, with timeless appeal."

· 1329 Foothill Rd, Ojai, CA 93023 [Trulia]