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Watch the Wilshire Bus Lane Stretching Westward to Highland

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Construction workers are furiously repaving Wilshire Boulevard and carving out a peak-hour bus-only lane that will reduce cross-town bus commutes by a whopping 24 percent (FYI, buses carry more people than cars on Wilshire). Wilshire already has a rush-hour bus lane between MacArthur Park and Western Avenue—yup, same place the subway runs—but a new westbound segment from Western to Highland should open in early May and vastly improve that bumpy stretch. Workers are building out the westbound bus lane all the way to West LA, save for transit-averse Beverly Hills and Condo Canyon, and then turning around and building the eastbound lane. The whole project should wrap in early 2015. Next up is Miracle Mile, a frenetic part of town full of people who don't like to be bothered by inconveniences construction. A community meeting on construction is planned for April 8, but in the interim, LADOT advises people to stay out of the construction zone (see the footprints?) and stop asking workers about the Purple Line subway extension (that's a Metro project).

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