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LA's Unaffordable Rental Scene, Huge Fashion Dist Project

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[It's an Easter miracle! The widening, ramping and closing of the 405 Freeway ends next month]

This Week's Top Stories: Work is set to start this Spring on making 6 of LA's sort-of okay streets into Great Streets, whatever that means. Feel like renting in a bit of old Hollywood history? Then Craigslist has a deal for you, as units in the Alto Nido apartments, made famous in Sunset Boulevard, are now available starting at $1,150. LA seems to have a bit of a catastrophic rental crisis going on which is dramatically impacting median income renters, but help may be on the way with the introduction of a new State bill to add a fee to document recording that would help fund more affordable housing. If you're not one of those poor unfortunates with rental problems, why not download the Goop City Guide app and experience a carefree day in LA like Gwyneth. A rendering-reveal of the 20-year long makeover of the Fashion District is promising 945 new housing units, a nice hotel, and some pretty sweet development that will transform the neighborhood. Long before the malls and the freeway arrived in town, Woodland Hills was a quaint little development scheme known as Girard, named after the developer Victor Girard. Gentrification's ugly march into Boyle Heights has begun with the neighborhood's first stand-alone Starbucks taking root.