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Take a Stroll Through the Getty Museum From Any Place That Has Internet

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The Getty is a world-class museum, but perhaps that's why it's packed to the gills on the weekends. If you were hoping to actually see the art instead of being pushed past it, you just got a new option. Called "Art Project," this Google feature allows you to navigate some of the best museums across the globe from your computer. You could choose to just look at the hits in detail (over 3,000 of the museums works are spotlighted), or you could select "Museum View" from the Getty's page, and suddenly you're in the museum. (You could also wander the grounds and interior in good ol' Google Street View.) Some of the (more notable?) pieces have a button which you can use to zoom in on the works close enough to see brushstrokes on Van Gogh's Irises or Titian's Venus and Adonis. We wish we'd known about this before the massive 405 overhaul was winding down.
· Art Project: J. Paul Getty Museum [Official site]
· J. Paul Getty Museum [Google Street View]